Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Sister Missionary Dress Code!!!

This week has been good. It's really fun to train a new missionary. She's very sincere and trying her best. Our personalities are very suited for each other and we really have a good time. We've worked really hard this week as well and seen some good miracles. One day, we contacted a lot in the morning and were rejected WAY more than usual. We both were a little discouraged but separately made inner decisions to not let it bother us and to have joy and continue anyway. Then the next half of the day, we were very blessed. We talked to some good people. Then we were at a subway station (me making phone calls and Sister Bready contacting) and a girl told Sister Bready after she testified, "Thank you! I NEED that feeling in my heart right now." Then she came to church the next day! At the same time Sister Bready was talking to that girl, a man came up to me and said, "you're Mormon! What's the difference between your church and Christian churches?" I shared with him and he ALSO came to church the next day. Pretty neat! Then we were at an activity last night with the ward and a BEAUTIFUL family with the light of Christ beaming from their eyes just walked into the church and asked if they could know what we were all about. So we sat down with them and taught them! Sooooo neat.
Sadly, my favorite investigator, Li Dai Li, called out of the blue and said, "I'm not ready, I am afraid I can't keep all the commandments." And said she didn't want to meet with us anymore. SOOOO sad!!! She had a baptismal date and everything, then in one day she is gone. I feel like this has been a bit of a sore spot on my mission for me. I find my favorite people I build up a lot of hope for but they disappear right when you least expect it. But I KNOW they will someday get another chance and come back. I'm just sad they delay the blessings and that I can't see them be baptized.
So CRAZY. The Church is changing the dress code standards for Sister missionaries. This should be motivating for the girls who hesitate to serve because they fear becoming frumpy. The new standard is anti-frumpy, pretty much. The new standard is pretty much bright colors, skirts can go as short as below the knee, encourage jewelry, etc. It's really interesting. They want us to not look like a bunch of "polygamist wives" (this is apparently from the mouth of Elder Oaks). They want us to show the message we have to share, which is "happy", "fun", "cheerful", "bright", "hopeful", etc. etc. etc. Haha, too bad this message comes to some of us mid-mission, who already look like polygamist wives in our hand-me-down missionary clothes and dark somber colors. Anyway, I thought that was very interesting. No more sweater vests! No more Jody dresses! No more scary jumpers! Sister missionaries will be cute! Haha.
One thing that is probably not very good about having a new companion, is she is "up on the times" where I've been totally clueless. She told me the health care bill passed???? Are you kidding me?? I was sooooo angry I had to pray to get the Spirit back. Seriously, do people know what Socialized health care does? It leads to SLOPPY or incompetent doctors. Health Care in Taiwan and China stinks because of that. When people get cut here, they don't come away with nice, clean little scars, but with huge Frankenstein looking things. People wait for DAYS or at least HOURS to see a doctor or dentist that looks at you, rips a tooth out in under 30 seconds or shoves an IV of "I hope this works" medicine. Ugh, seriously??

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